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Behostv – Your New Friend

With the use of cutting-edge software called Behostv , you may easily live stream TV programs and sports networks. The IPTV Software Solutions product is very compatible with the player and may be used on any device, including a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. In little time at all, you may download it and begin enjoying stuff like Live TV.

The main features of this program are VPN integration for security and HD and 4K streaming capabilities to ensure that you never miss anything because of shoddy visuals, even on your smartphone. The greatest thing, though? You may access it right here in your browser, so no additional hardware or setup is required.


The best tool for IPTV streaming, live TV channels, and on-demand media is BehosTV. It skillfully blends the strength of IPTV technology with the ease of use and beauty of a premium player.

Smarter In addition to being a player for watching material, IPTV also saves customers time by giving them immediate access to all channels from all over the world. Viewers will be able to watch their preferred shows even when they are traveling or in a nation where their TV provider doesn’t have a free broadcasting license thanks to the usage of M3U playlists and VPN integration.


BehosTV provides a straightforward and easy-to-use interface for live TV, on-demand programming, and web browsing.




Behostv app to watch all encrypted internationals channels, movies and series for free. This app works on all devices supporting Android & ios phone, windows, Smart TV and TV boxes are among the best apps to watch encrypted and international channels and matches for free.


In order to provide you access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and other foreign streaming services, the program seamlessly connects to your current VPN subscription.
Using IPTV Smarters, an all-in-one IPTV player solution with a built-in VPN, you can access TV channels from all around the world. Any sort of user, regardless of their degree of knowledge, may utilize the IPTV Smarters Player since it is made to be simple to use.

The application has a special activation code to activate EXTREAM CODE and other effective codes that offer the user an excellent experience watching sports channels such as BEIN SPORTS and other international encrypted sports channels, as well as watching exclusive series.

The application is a real receiver that runs on the Android & ios operating system and features solid and stable servers that make broadcasting wonderful, excellent and enjoyable.

What are EPG And how to use it 

The IPTV player boasts a prime multi-core, high-efficiency CPU, faster and more memory, ultimate high-speed internet experience. With these new and improved features people will get to watch crystal clear HD quality media experience.

IPTV SMARTERS PRO 2022 V3. released out with new amazing features

This latest version has upgradable equipments up to 9GbPS Fiber optic that offers ultimate online streaming play out at HD quality with the support of multiple formats such as .flv, .MKV, .MOV and Some more formats.


The Features of IPTV SMARTERS PRO 2022 V3

SmartTV IPTV LITE gives you the ability to Watch on Demand TV from the internet wherever you are in the whole world

You can play media files on your Android phone or iPhone by sending it to your SmartTV as a remote video player with just one touch.

Watch videos from the widest selection of TV channels and video clips on a smartphone, and stream them from anywhere you want.

Behostv Out With New Amazing Features was released out with features like Amazing features.

Behostv has been a revolutionary streaming player for customers who want live TV and TV Catch Up on the go. IPTV has been a powerhouse in the market with awesome features and updates. The company announces the release of new features called ‘Record TV’ and ‘Manage Source Stats’.

You see, Record TV is the only programmable portal-box that lets you set recordings from anywhere. Just by using a screen shot or selecting an EPG source from your phone app, this smart recorder stores programs on to either your SD card or USB disk!

Behostv also added and updated an amazing EPG source name MANAGE SOURCE STATISTICS for customer to analyse their viewing behavior.

Behostv may have just released newer versions but it is not resting


The breakthrough IPTV Player is designed leveraging the latest technology available on the market.

The BehosTV version, released out with new amazing features, enables all our IPTV customers to experience a simple and easy way to watch, manage and TV CATCH UP STREAMING .

BehosTV. RELEASED OUT WITH NEW AMAZING FEATURES are a key element for future-proofing your Smart Home investments, home entertainment experience and business opportunities of IP addresses owners using its Key QoS parameters .


Nineteen years ago, IPTV version 1.2 was launched and the starting year for a new generation of video streaming players (PC to TV, smart TV) and Hybrid TV systems.

BehosTV is setting a new global standard for all-round entertainment with the incorporation of extended features and ease of use.

The company has been leading the way in VOD (video on demand) technology, developing advanced remotely controllable streaming players and installation services throughout the UK and Europe


When we talk about media streaming, ad-supported channels, such as TV and radio broadcasting have always been popular broadcasting mediums. However, our attention is more attracted by the allure of commercial-free content found with IPTV.

Classic TV has limited programming whereas IPTV provides access to thousands of channels which were once restricted by geographic location or availability of subscription cable packages.

How can the industrious home watching person view the new release channel that neither of us is subscribed to? Enter VPN – a media streaming service capable of masking your country location. Recorded TV shows can be viewed online on services such as Catching Up and Stan by annual subscription fee or via paying a monthly fee for each individual show called SO STARING in countries that offer SO FXN NOW!

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